Rob Gomez Shares What He Learned From Controversies He Got Into Last Year

Rob Gomez: “Natutunan ko na po na magsabi ng ‘no comment’.”

ROB GOMEZ – The actor recently shared what he learned from the controversies he got into last year.

The actor has learned not to talk about the issues and controversies that he went through before the end of 2023. So “No comment” was his answer when the entertainment press asked him about the current state of his friendship with actress Herlene Budol.

In an interview with at the 10th anniversary party of VP Global Athlete and Artist Management at Sheraton Manila Hotel ballroom last Febriary 10, 2024, Rob said that he learned how to say “no comment”.

Rob Gomez
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He, who is a contract star of VP Global Athlete and Artist Management, was involved in the controversial release of screenshots of their private conversation on his hacked Instagram account.

“Natutunan ko na po na magsabi ng ‘no comment’,” the actor said.

Rob didn’t deny that things are complicated in his personal life at the moment and he thinks he shouldn’t speak on it further for him not to jinx.

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Aside from learning how to say “no comment”, Rob also shared lessons that learned from the ordeal that caused him and his daughter, Amelia, to not see each other.

Natutunan ko throughout my career in show business, so far, that comeback is always good. I’m working out now, I’m trying to get into the best shape of my life, get to the next level, and once again, try to prove myself,” he said.

According to him, he loves his daughter so much and he loves being a father. He also said that his daughter gives him so much fire and so much drive, adding that there are times when he’s kind of lose sense of what he’s doing and then he realized that his daughter is his everything.

When he was asked if he’s ready to love again after he and the mother of his daughter broke up, a resounding “No!” was his quick answer. He shared that he thinks it’s time for him to work, to find myself, and to heal.

The actor also said that he doesn’t want to sound like a victim because he doesn’t want to pry on it, adding that he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him and he doesn’t wish to share his problems with anyone.

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