Realism Artist Impresses Netizens w/ Stunning Paper Painting

Realism Artist Goes Viral After Flexing His Stunning Paper Painting

A 21-year-old realism artist from Quezon City impressed the netizens with her stunning paper painting.

Realism art is a style of art that aims to represent subjects truthfully and accurately, emphasizing the details of the natural world as they appear to the eye. It started in the mid-19th century as a reaction against romanticism and idealism, which often portrayed subjects in a stylized or exaggerated manner.

Recently, Julie Mara Madrid, a TikTok user has garnered attention and admiration online for her impressive paper painting, which appears to be simple but holds layers of depth and meaning. The post earns reactions online.

Realism Artist

Madrid skillfully adds symbolic meaning to her paintings, encouraging audiences to go further into the illusions she creates. Her newest paper artwork, which was displayed on social media, stunned online users, many of whom initially thought it was just a simple sketch pasted to a board.

The female Madrid shared her dream to master the art of realism, infusing her creations with elements that prompt viewers to take a second look. Despite the complexities of her work, she explicitly points out that her pieces are paintings, not mere drawings.

“Nung una, nada-down pa ako kasi ang dami kong nare-receive na comments na nagsasabing hindi raw painting ‘yon,” Madrid said.

@avocadomara23 Replying to @rxxhxz another paper painting coming thru♥️♥️ #tiktokph #tiktok #fyp #realisticart #realism ♬ sudno by molchat doma – song x

Some even joked at her works, claiming that she just shifted from being a realist to creating ‘silly’ pieces. Netizens who doubt her artworks show that they are realistic for being mistaken as real objects.

“Later on, sinabi na lang din sa’kin ng mga friends ko na i-take ko raw as a compliment yung mga nagsasabi na hindi painting ang gawa ko since naloko ko raw sila,” Madrid added.

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Realism Artist

The internet users expressed their reactions to the artwork:

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