Cassy Legaspi Criticized for “Twerking” Then Showing The Bible

Actress and television host Cassy Legaspi was heavily criticized for supposedly “twerking” and then showing the Bible in a video.

On Facebook, the Tahanang Pinakamasaya mainstay shared a video of her attempting to twerk. All of a sudden, she shows up with a Holy Bible.

Cassy Legaspi’s Video of Attempting to Twerk then Showing the Bible Elicits Negative Comments

Netizens React to Cassy Legaspi’s Video of Attempting to Twerk Then Showing the Bible

CASSY LEGASPI – A video of the actress-host attempting to twerk and then showing the Bible has elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Cassy Legaspi is an actress, singer, and television personality. She is the daughter of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi, both established figures in the Philippine entertainment industry. Cassy has a twin brother named Mavy Legaspi.

She gained popularity for her roles in television series such as “First Yaya” and its sequel “First Lady,” where she portrayed the character Nina Acosta. Cassy has also showcased her talents in singing and dancing on shows like “All-Out Sundays” and “Eat Bulaga.” Additionally, she appears with her family on the talk show “Sarap, ‘Di Ba?. Currently, she’s one of the hosts of “Tahanang Pinakamasaya.”

Recently, she went to social media where she posted a video of her attempting to twerk and then showing the Bible. The video went viral, garnering mixed reactions from netizens.

One commenter asks for respect for the Bible, emphasizing its holiness and proper usage. Another expresses confusion about the connection between the content and the Bible. Some commenters criticize the handling of sensitive material, suggesting it lacks attention or seriousness. Others express frustration at the casual use of the Bible in various contexts, implying it’s disrespectful.

“Anong connect Ng bible sa content mopo? Please respect it.. the Bible is Holy po and we should use it in the right way .I’m not a basher or a fan, pero bible po Yan eh, and it is written all the scripture is Inspired by God.. kung Ang nais nyo pong iparating sa public through this content na magbasa ng bible,or you have a bible, I content mopo Ng maayos sana. God bless,” a netizen wrote.

As of press time, Cassy Legaspi has yet to react to the negative comments she has been receiving.

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