PWD ID Benefits for the Cardholders — Here’s Guide on Privileges…

List of PWD ID Benefits for the Cardholders in PH

PWD ID BENEFITS – Here is a guide on the privileges set for the individuals who are cardholders of the PWD ID in the Philippines.

Countless Filipinos are dealing with disabilities. Some are suffering from physical disabilities due to an accident while others have it since birth. Some individuals are dealing with mental incapacities and many cannot get a job as they are not fit to work.

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To help lessen the load for individuals who are dealing with disabilities, the government issues a PWD ID or a person-with-disability ID which entitles the cardholder to a lot of privileges. The list of the PWD ID benefits includes discounts which can truly help in the expenses of the person with disability. You can check the privileges below.

PWD ID Benefits
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Here is a guide on the PWD ID benefits for the cardholders in the Philippines:

Individuals who are dealing with disabilities and has been issued the PWD ID are entitled to a 20% discount and Value Added Tax or VAT exemption in making a purchase of specific products and availing certain services. The VAT exemption may apply in the purchase or availment of the following:

  • foods and consumable items
  • medicines, medical supplies, and laboratory fees
  • professional fees of doctors
  • theaters, cinemas, and concert admissions
  • fare for domestic air and sea travel
  • fare for land transportation
  • hotel and restaurant services
  • funeral and burial services

Express Lanes

A lot of establishments in the Philippines have set express lanes not only for senior citizens but as well as individuals who are dealing with disabilities. This type of lanes are usually present in groceries, government offices, and banks.

5% Special Discount on Basic Necessities

Aside from the VAT exemption, also one of the PWD ID benefits is the 5% discount that individuals with disabilities may avail when making purchases of basic necessities such as the following:

  • rice
  • fruits
  • fresh meat
  • drinking water
  • processed meat
  • dairy products

Mandatory Coverage under the SSS/GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, and PhilHealth

Persons with disabilities who are not members of any of the aforementioned government agencies and institutions are mandated to apply for a membership so they can avail the many benefit offers of these state-run entities.

LGU Benefits

Aside from the aforementioned PWD ID benefits for the cardholders, there are also local government units who have passed memorandums that provide additional benefits for the PWDs in their cities or municipalities.

If you want to get a PWD ID, there are requirements for the PWD ID application. You must prepare them and head to the office that is tasked to issue the said type of ID in your city/municipality.

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