PWD Distributes Food on His Birthday, Admired by Netizens

Netizens admire a PWD distributing food on his birthday

ONE OF A KIND – A person with a disability (PWD) who distributed food on his birthday was admired by netizens.

A Facebook post showing a “person with a disability” (PWD) distributing food packed in styrofoam garnered admiration from netizens. According to the uploader’s caption, April Coronel, the mentioned PWD positioned himself outside a supermarket in Hagonoy, Bulacan, to give away free food on his birthday.

April was deeply touched that despite the condition of the said man, he still managed to share blessings with strangers like her. She expressed her wish for his recovery from any illness he might be facing and hoped for his overall health and strength to improve.

““Happy b-day po(emojis)kay tatay na nasa harap po ng puregold hagonoy nakakatuwa lng na kahit ganyan po ang kalagayan nia ay nakakapg bigay din po sya sa iba sana po ay gumaling kana po at magkaron po ng magandang kalusugan happy b-day po ulit sayo & godblessed u po(emojis)”,” she wrote in the caption. “Ps naiiyak talaga sya habang inaabot nia po to siguro po dala lang ng kasiyahan nia (emojis),” she added.

The identity of the mentioned PWD was not obtained. In the comment section, birthday greetings were sent his way, along with well wishes for many more birthday celebrations to come in his life.

Being generous despite your situation involves transcending personal challenges or difficulties to extend kindness and assistance to others. It’s a selfless act that goes beyond one’s own needs or limitations, focusing instead on the well-being and support of those around you.

Imagine someone facing financial hardship due to job loss or economic instability. Despite their own struggles to make ends meet, they may still find ways to help others by volunteering their time, sharing resources, or offering emotional support. This act of generosity not only benefits the recipients but also uplifts the giver, providing a sense of purpose and connection amidst their own adversity.

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