Customer Cuts Barber’s Hair Because He Was Not Satisfied With His Haircut

Customer, not satisfied with his haircut, decides to cut the barber’s hair

THAILAND – An angry male Russian customer decided to cut the barber’s hair because he was not satisfied with his haircut.

The incident occurred on February 1, 2024. According to witnesses, the unnamed Russian was in Thailand for vacation. He entered the barber shop to get a haircut. Since he couldn’t speak fluent English to explain to the barber what haircut he wanted, he resorted to using hand gestures.

After the haircut was done, he was surprised by the result. The Russian became furious at the barber, Suphachai Maneecharoen, 32. In the video, he can be seen punching the table, arguing with the staff and customers of the barber shop, and cursing at Suphachai.

He yelled at the barber, “You crazy mother f*****! I showed you. What the f. Where are my bangs? What the f***!” Then, he grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut the barber’s hair. Afterward, the Russian left the barber shop without paying. Suphachai suffered a significant cut in his hair.

He reported the incident to the Pattaya City police station and presented the CCTV footage as evidence. According to a report by the news website Metro, Suphachai said he didn’t retaliate against the Russian national but was extremely angry at him.

He said he just thought about the possible consequences if he had hit him. “I was afraid of facing legal repercussions or losing my job. So I chose to do nothing,” he said. He has been a barber for seven years. “But it is the first time someone has disrespected me like this. I want the Russian man to apologize to me.”

Suphachai learned the address of the Russian from a friend who knows him. But he found out he had left the condominium he was staying in on January 26. It is unclear whether the Russian is still in Thailand. The Thai police are continuing to investigate the incident.

It was revealed in the Metro report as per that many Russian tourists are currently vacationing in Thailand because they are avoiding being conscripted into their government’s army to be sent to war in Ukraine.

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