Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett Says Miss Universe Pageant was ‘Rigged’

Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett reacts to Miss Universe issue

JANE DIPIKA GARRETT – A contestant from Nepal expressed her belief that the Miss Universe pageant was unfair.

In 2023, she made history by being the first plus-size contestant from Nepal to participate in the pageant. Despite breaking norms regarding beauty standards with her height and weight, she managed to reach the semi-finals in the competition held in El Salvador on November 15, 2023.

Her participation became possible after the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) revised its rules, allowing married women, divorcees, those with children, transgender individuals, and plus-size people to compete. The organization claimed this change promoted inclusivity and diversity.

However, a leaked video raised doubts about the sincerity of MUO’s intentions. In the video, Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip implied that contestants like Jane were allowed to compete but were not expected to win, despite the organization’s public stance on inclusion.

The leaked video sparked controversy, leading many to question the integrity of the pageant and the organization’s commitment to its revised rules. The MUO responded, denying the allegations and attributing the leaked video to digital manipulation for personal gain.

Jane addressed the controversy on her Instagram, acknowledging the comments made in the video. She expressed her belief that the pageant was rigged against contestants like her. Despite this, she chose to focus on the positive experiences and the platform the pageant provided her.

“Honey, I knew it was rigged from the moment I was on stage. I realized us ‘inclusion’ girls weren’t ever gonna get a real chance to win,” she said.

Meanwhile, Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that showcases contestants from various countries competing for the title of Miss Universe. The pageant typically involves rounds of competition in categories such as swimsuit, evening gown, and interview, where contestants are judged on their physical appearance, personality, intelligence, and other attributes. The winner of Miss Universe becomes a global ambassador for various causes and charities, representing beauty, intelligence, and humanitarianism on an international stage.

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