Lady Netizen Expresses Gratitude to Honest Delivery Rider Who Returns Her Lost Cash & Cards

Honest Food Panda Rider Returns Lost Cash and Cards, Earns Lady Netizen’s Gratitude

A lady netizen has expressed her gratitude to an honest delivery rider who returned her lost cash and cards.

Honesty is a fundamental value that involves being truthful, sincere, and transparent in one’s words, actions, and dealings with others. It expresses oneself genuinely and straightforwardly, without deceit, falsehood, or deception.

The importance of honesty lies in its ability to build trust, build meaningful relationships, and uphold integrity in personal, professional, and societal contexts.

Lady Customer

Recently, Cheryl Lobrido, a Facebook user, shared photos of the upright Food Panda rider who returned the lost cash and cards. The post quickly went viral and garnered various reactions from netizens.

In the photos, the delivery rider, Joemar Lanaza, is seen returning the wallet to the lady netizen. She reportedly lost it near the Sacred Heart Memorial in Puntataytay, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

The wallet contained a huge amount of money, various cards, and other important documents. The customer expressed profound gratitude for the rider’s honesty.

Lady Customer

“I salute you manong food panda rider Joemar Lanaza sa pag uli sang akon cash and cards nga na kita sa alagyan sang sacred heart memorial sang puntataytay. Madamo gd nga salamat. God bless you always sa imo pag byahe adlaw2. Big salute to you!,” she wrote.

(I salute you, Manong Food Panda rider Joemar Lanaza, for returning my cash and cards that we lost along the path of the Sacred Heart Memorial in Puntataytay. Thank you very much. God bless you always on your daily travels. Big salute to you!)

The rider’s actions remind us of the value of integrity and the positive effect it can create in society. His honesty not only restored Cheryl’s faith in humanity but also inspired countless people on social media.

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