Michael Cinco Disappointed with Famous Celebs and Influencers Who Treat Local Fashion Brands Unfairly

Michael Cinco: “They suddenly want everything custom-made for them for FREE”

MICHAEL CINCO – The well-known fashion designer shared his disappointment about how some famous people treat local fashion brands unfairly.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Cinco criticized these popular figures who spend lots of money on fancy clothes from other countries but expect local designers to provide them with free items. He pointed out how Filipino celebrities and influencers often wear expensive European brands but don’t support Filipino designers.

“So Filipino celebrities and famous influencers are often seen wearing European designer clothes? It seems like they spend a fortune on these items just to keep up with the latest fashion trends… But have you ever stopped to think about why they choose to spend their money on these expensive European brands, rather than supporting our very own Filipino designers?” said Cinco.

Cinco finds it strange how these celebrities proudly wear foreign designer clothes but then expect free custom-made outfits from Filipino designers. He said it’s sad that Filipino designers work hard but don’t get the respect or pay they deserve.

“It’s quite ironic how these celebrities proudly wear these designer clothes, but when it comes to Filipino designers, they suddenly want everything custom-made for them for FREE… It’s a sad reality that many talented and hardworking FILIPINO DESIGNERS have to face. They pour their hearts and souls into their creations, but are often undervalued and underpaid,” he added.

Cinco wants people to support local brands instead of always asking for free items. He said he’s been asked many times to make wedding or red carpet dresses for free, but he usually says no.

Meanwhile, Michael Cinco is a well-known fashion designer from the Philippines. He’s recognized internationally for his exquisite and luxurious designs, particularly in haute couture and bridal wear. Cinco has dressed numerous celebrities and personalities for red carpet events, including Hollywood stars. His creations often feature intricate details, elaborate embellishments, and impeccable craftsmanship, earning him acclaim in the fashion industry worldwide.

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