Ellen Adarna Posts Envy-worthy Vacation Photos From Antartica

Ellen Adarna Shares Snapshots From Antarctica

ELLEN ADARNA – Filipina actress and businesswoman Ellen Adarna shared envy-worthy vacation snapshots from Antarctica.

Ellen is widely recognized as one of the wealthiest female figures in the Philippines, and entertainment enthusiasts acknowledge her affluent background in Cebu. This is the reason behind her maintaining a comfortable lifestyle despite her absence from the showbiz scene.

Despite her wealth, Ellen is known for her humble demeanor, often described as modest and unafraid to appear in public without makeup or with messy hair.

Photo Source: @maria.elena.adarna IG

After becoming a mother, Ellen Adarna chose to take a break from her acting career, intentionally avoiding showbiz-related ventures since welcoming her son, Elias Modesto Cruz, with her former partner John Lloyd Cruz. A year after giving birth, the couple separated.

The 35-year-old celebrity previously shared on her social media platform that John Lloyd is providing “double” alimony for their son.

Currently, Ellen is married to actor-entrepreneur Derek Ramsay, with their intimate wedding taking place in Bataan in 2021. Despite her reduced presence in the entertainment industry, Ellen actively connects with her fans on social media.

Photo Source: @maria.elena.adarna IG

Once again, Ellen Adarna has sparked excitement on Instagram by sharing captivating vacation snapshots and heartening moments from her recent trip to Antarctica with Derek Ramsay.

In a series of impressive images and engaging video clips, Ellen and Derek are depicted against the stunning backdrop of Antarctica’s icy terrain, participating in heartwarming interactions and playful encounters with the local penguins. Their infectious joy and adventurous spirit shine through as they fully immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the Antarctic environment.

Injecting a bit of humor into the post, Derek Ramsay playfully remarked, “Penguins pala tayo” (So we’re penguins) in the comment section. However, the highlight of their Antarctic adventure was captured in a heartfelt video shared by Derek, featuring a poignant moment between the couple. In this emotional clip, Ellen expresses her gratitude to Derek for the unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression with her sincere and loving words.

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