Zeus Collins On His Promise To His Wife: ‘Walang bibitaw, walang iwanan’

Zeus Collins on his relationship with his wife

ZEUS COLLINS – The “Para Kang Papa Mo” actor shared that he promised his wife, Pauline Redondo, to never leave each other.

The “Hashtags” member revealed last December that he’s married to his wife and the wedding ceremony was held at San Antonio, Zambales.

He and his wife appeared on “Magandang Buhay” where they opened up about their relationship. According to him, their love is even more intense a few weeks after they got married.

Zeus Collins Pauline Redondo

Zeus also said they felt that their relationship is stronger because the Lord has blessed them.

Pauline, for her part, said that she felt more excited every time she woke up because her husband is the person next to her for the rest of her life. She added that she prayed to the Lord and said “Lord, thank you kasi pogi o” when she woke up before her husband.

The two also shared that their belief in God is the important ingredient for them to cross their relationship from being lovers to being a married couple.

They also shared what they promised to each other. Pauline told her husband that she wants to make him feel that it’s the two of them until the end.

Zeus, for his part, told his wife that being married is the start of their journey as husband and wife. The actor went on to tell his partner to not be shaken by any problem that comes to them and to love each other.

Huwag tayong magpatinag sa kung anumang problema ang dumating sa atin. Mas lalo pang tumibay tayo sa isa’t isa, at saka walang bibitaw, walang iwanan, mahalin pa natin ang isa’t isa,” he said to his wife.

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Meanwhile, they shared that they’re planning to spend time with each other, save money, and travel before having a child.

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