Esther Lahbati Reacts to Basher Who Criticized Her Past Job in Switzerland

Did you know Esther Lahbati used to work as a helper in Switzerland?

ESTHER LAHBATI – The mother of actress Sarah Lahbati expresses frustration towards a netizen who seems to belittle her past job in Switzerland.

The netizen’s comment has been deleted, but Esther received support from several netizens who value her previous work in the European country. On her Instagram on January 2, 2024, Esther uploaded pictures inside a salon, seemingly indulging in self-care. In the caption, she said, “#Sit down and relax.”

In the comments section, a netizen seemingly criticized her previous job in Switzerland. Although the netizen’s comment is no longer visible, Esther responded assertively.

Sarah’s mother said there was nothing wrong if she worked as a domestic helper in Switzerland. She proudly mentioned being a Swiss passport holder, one of the most powerful passports globally, allowing her to travel to many countries without a visa.

Esther clarified that she worked in a chocolate company inside Geneva airport. In her complete response, she said, “To make it clear madam What’s wrong? kung mag trabaho ako sa bahay? marangal na trabaho yan.. eto sasabihin ko sa iyo isara mo na lang bibig mo kung di lang maganda ang sasabihin mo nang iIstorbo ba ko sa iyo?”

She added: “may Swiss Passport ako and i can go anywhere in the world w/o visa, I can work anywhere in EUROPE OK? Ikaw ano ginagawa mo pamilya mo na lang intindihin mo. for your information hindi ako nag tatrabaho sa cholate fsctory may proof ako na nag trabaho ako sa Geneva International Airport sa CHOCOLATERIE sa loob ng duty free shops.”

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Annabelle previously hinted at the separation between Sarah and her son, Richard Gutierrez. She also expressed concerns about Sarah’s spending habits while fulfilling her responsibilities as a housewife. As of press time, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati have yet to issue any statement to confirm or deny their separation.

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