Xian Gaza Reacts to Talent Fee Issue of Ian Veneracion

Here’s Xian Gaza’s reaction to the talent fee issue involving Ian Veneracion

XIAN GAZA – The social media personality reacted to the talent fee issue of actor-heartthrob Ian Veneracion.

Earlier, Ronaldo Carballo, a writer-director, shared his surprise and reservations about actor Ian Veneracion’s talent fee for provincial festivals. In a Facebook post, Carballo disclosed that Veneracion was invited to the Tarlac Festival in January 2024 but was taken aback by the actor’s high fee for a two-hour appearance on a parade float.

Veneracion reportedly charges half a million pesos for the initial two hours, with an additional fee for any extension beyond that time. The actor also prefers to be the sole participant on the float, without other artists. Carballo highlighted the road manager’s requirement of a 50% down payment upon contract signing and full payment before Veneracion boards the float.

While the festival organizers found the 500,000-peso fee acceptable, they expressed concern about the extra 100,000 pesos per hour if the event exceeded two hours. Fearing Veneracion might leave abruptly due to the added cost and uncertainty of the parade’s duration, the organizers considered Piolo Pascual as a replacement.

Carballo questioned the fairness of the fee for a parade, even if it lasted five hours, suggesting such costs might be reasonable for TV series or film shoots where payment is per day. He inquired whether the fee was set by Veneracion or the road manager, with the talent coordinator confirming it was indeed Veneracion’s demand, emphasizing his meticulousness about time.

Xian Gaza took to the social networking site Facebook, wherein he shared his two cents on the issue. According to him, Ronaldo should not have made public the negotiations with the road manager of Ian Veneracion. He stressed that the information discussed should be kept confidential because it was a reflection of his character.

He also questioned how the 500,000 pesos for a 2-hour appearance became expensive. He noted that they should have chosen an artist from GMA7 if the talent fee was too expensive for them.

“Yan ang hirap sa inyo eh, mag-i-inquire kayo tapos kapag namahalan kayo eh madi-disappoint kayo at magsasalita ng hindi maganda. Ano pala gusto niyo? Kayo ang masunod sa presyo? Eh ‘di sana ikaw na lang pala ang pumarada, Ronaldo! Nakatipid pa kayo,” he added.

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