Ian Veneracion’s Talent Fee for Parade is P500K for 2 Hours; P100K Additional per Hour?

Ronaldo Carballo discloses the talent fee of Ian Veneracion

RONALDO CARBALLO – The writer-director expressed his surprise and concerns about actor Ian Veneracion’s talent fee when invited to provincial festivals.

Carballo revealed on Facebook that Veneracion’s fee for public appearances is quite high. According to him, Veneracion was invited to join the Tarlac Festival on the last Sunday of January 2024. He was supposed to ride a float and be paraded in Tarlac City, merely waving without performing any songs, as stated by the director.

However, Carballo mentioned that the actor’s road manager disclosed that Veneracion charges half a million pesos for a two-hour appearance during the parade, with an additional fee if the event extends beyond two hours. The road manager emphasized that Veneracion prefers to be alone on his float without any other artists.

Carballo also mentioned that a 50% down payment is required upon signing the contract, and the full payment must be settled before Veneracion boards the float. On the other hand, the talent coordinator of the said event assured the road manager that payments were never an issue with their previous engagements.

The talent coordinator, who has long been working with the festival, reported the road manager’s terms to the festival organizers. While they found the 500,000 peso fee acceptable, they were concerned about the extra 100,000 pesos per hour if the event ran longer than two hours.

The production team feared that Veneracion might suddenly leave after two hours, considering the high additional cost and the uncertainty of the parade’s duration. The road manager allegedly agreed with the terms, but the talent coordinator responded that they were considering Piolo Pascual as a replacement.

Carballo expressed his opinion that 500,000 pesos for a parade, even if it lasted five hours, was excessive. He suggested that such a fee might be reasonable if Veneracion were involved in a TV series or film shooting, where he could be paid per day.

Carballo questioned whether Veneracion himself set the 500,000-peso fee or if it was solely the road manager’s decision. But the talent coordinator affirmed that it was indeed Veneracion’s demand, emphasizing his meticulousness about time.

As of now, there has been no response or reaction from Ian Veneracion’s camp regarding the issue.

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