Richard Gutierrez and Family Unfollow Sarah Lahbati on Instagram

Gutierrez family unfollows actress Sarah Lahbati on the social media platform, Instagram

RICHARD GUTIERREZ – The actor and his family unfollowed Sarah Lahbati on the social media platform, Instagram.

Sarah and Richard have recently become a topic of discussion online, with rumors circulating about their potential separation. The speculation gained momentum when the actor’s mother, Annabelle Rama, seemingly confirmed the breakup and expressed disapproval of Sarah’s spending habits.

Amidst the swirling rumors of their split, a former Star Magic artist named Kazel Kinouchi was brought into the mix. This occurred after they were reportedly seen together during Halloween. However, Kazel denied any romantic involvement, clarifying that she and Richard were merely neighbors.

In addition to Kazel, another celebrity was romantically linked to Richard. Earlier, the actor was spotted with actress Barbie Imperial at a gastropub in Westgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa. A viral video captured Richard and Barbie seated together at a table with friends, and onlookers observed a seemingly comfortable interaction between the two. According to a source from, Richard was notably protective of Barbie, even assisting her when she needed to use the restroom.

The nature of the relationship between Richard and Barbie, who were former co-stars in the ABS-CBN teleserye FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, remains uncertain.

While Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez have not officially announced a separation, Sarah has taken a step on social media by unfollowing the Gutierrez family on Instagram. This includes her husband Richard, her mother-in-law Annabelle, sister-in-law Ruffa, and her brother-in-law Raymond. Additionally, she removed “SLG” from her account name.

In response, the Gutierrez family also unfollowed Sarah Lahbati on Instagram. Apparently, the clan did not leave an explanation on social media as to why they decided to unfollow the estranged wife of Richard, but it’s clear that it was their response to what she did earlier.

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