Debutante Receives 18 Piglets Instead of 18 Roses

Instead of 18 roses, a debutante receives 18 piglets

QUEZON – Instead of 18 roses, a debutante received 18 piglets as a gift.

The 18 Roses tradition in a debut celebration is like a beautiful symbol dance that tells a story of love and support for a girl becoming a woman in the Philippines. Each rose in this dance means something special. The first rose is from family, showing they’re always there for her.

The next roses are from friends, each one sharing laughter and good times. There’s a rose for learning and growing up, one for trying new things, and even one for faith and beliefs. The roses also talk about staying healthy, following dreams, and having hobbies. Love gets its own rose, and so does spending time and being responsible.

Finally, the last rose is all about the girl herself, showing how unique and strong she is. It’s like a flower-filled way of saying, “We’re here for you, and we believe in the amazing person you’re becoming.”

In Sariaya, Quezon, Antonyt Cosico’s debut gained widespread attention on social media not for the conventional 18 roses but for a unique twist—she was presented with 18 piglets as a special part of the celebration. According to Cosico, the decision to receive piglets as gifts for her debut on January 13 stemmed from her practical outlook on life.


“Papaikutin lang po ‘yung budget sa baboy para lumago, kumbaga po invest-and-produce cycle po. Para po kasi sa akin ang pagiging praktikal po sa buhay ay isa ding susi para po sa maayos na buhay,” explained Cosico. The debutante, along with the 18 piglets, was also gifted the necessary feeds for these animals.

Completing the provisions for the piglets, Cosico received sacks of feeds, highlighting her commitment to responsibly caring for the animals. She noted that her mother is involved in a swine business, and Cosico aspires to follow in her footsteps. Her plan is to grow the money earned from the business and use it to supplement her college tuition as she prepares to enter higher education.


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