Angelu de Leon’s Quotes A “Patama” to Claudine Barretto?

Angelu de Leon has a series of quotes that are said to be directed toward Claudine Barretto

ANGELU DE LEON – The quotes shared by the actress on her Instagram stories are currently being talked about, with netizens presuming that these are her responses to the recent comments made by Claudine Barretto about her.

It’s worth noting that Claudine openly stated that she wouldn’t want to work on a reunion project with Angelu when she was asked by Gladys Reyes about the possibility of working together in a film with Judy Ann Santos.

In Claudine’s straightforward statement, she mentioned that she would agree to work only with Gladys Reyes and Judy Ann Santos. Still, if Angelu is involved, she would not agree. “No. Ako, Gladys Reyes at Judy Ann Santos. Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo. Tayong tatlo lang ‘yon. Hindi ako suplada, maldita ako… huwag lang si Angelu, alam niya ‘yon.”

Both of them attended the 20th wedding anniversary celebration of Gladys and her husband, Christopher Roxas, so Angelu surely heard Claudine’s indirect remarks.

In the latest episode of “Cristy Ferminute” on Monday, January 29, Cristy mentioned that Claudine is truly annoyed with Angelu because she allegedly attacked her twice. The first time was reportedly about the Barretto siblings’ feud, with Claudine questioning why Angelu was getting involved when she’s not part of it.

“Ang punto ni Claudine, kung hindi ka kasali, huwag kang makisawsaw,” said Cristy. Meanwhile, Angelu’s quote art cards convey, “FORGIVENESS IS GRACE GRANTED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. THE SPIRIT-FILLED KNOW WHAT IT IS TO FORGIVE FASTER THAN OTHERS CAN APOLOGIZE.” The second one states, “DO THE NEW YOU.”

Angelu de Leon is an actress and television personality. She has been a part of the Philippine entertainment industry for many years and has appeared in various television shows and movies. She gained recognition for her roles in popular dramas and films.

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