OFW Caregiver Shares Struggles in Achieving Dream House

OFW Caregiver Achieves Dream House After Years of Struggles

A hardworking OFW caregiver earns praise online after sharing her struggles in achieving her dream house.

Recently, Inday Noriza, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and caregiver, shared her challenging experience in building her dream house. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she almost gave up, but in the end, her perseverance paid off.

In 2017, Inday Noriza took acquired a house and lot from a developer. It was a big achievement for her to gradually invest in having her own place to live. The developer assured her that the downpayment would be completed in six to eight months, and she could move in.

OFW Caregiver

However, the process faced unexpected delays due to the pandemic, and by 2020, only about 40% of the house was completed, even though she had already finished the downpayment of 20%.

The slow progress and difficulty in reaching out to the developer for updates became a source of her stress.

Being a caretaker in another country added to the challenges, prompting her to consider selling the house. The idea of her family’s troubles getting updates and potentially receiving a return for her hard-earned money weighed heavily on her mind.

OFW Caregiver

Despite the trials, she found strength in reminding herself to remain calm and held onto the belief that, “If Para Sayo, para sayo, no matter what.”

In May 2023, after enduring a long and challenging journey, Inday received a message that changed everything, “Maam approve na po pwede na tayong mga Move in.”

OFW Caregiver
OFW Caregiver

Her story serves as an inspiration for many, reminding us that perseverance, patience, and faith can lead to the fulfillment of our dreams, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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