Kyline Alcantara ‘Dedma’ of Mavy Legaspi at an Event

Did Kyline Alcantara ignore Mavy Legaspi at the Royal event?

KYLINE ALCANTARA – A video in which the Kapuso actress appeared to be ignoring her rumored boyfriend Mavy Legaspi at a Royal Philippines event has gone viral.

Kyline and Mavy Legaspi are currently generating attention on social media amid rumors of their potential separation. Notably, on November 25, 2023, Carmina shared a message on X (formerly Twitter), directed at her twins, acknowledging the possible damage to their reputation caused by circulating rumors.

Carmina’s post conveyed, “Dear Mavy and Cassy, people can destroy your image, damage your personality, create rumors about you, but they can never take away your good deeds. Because no matter how they describe you, you will always be admired by those who know you best.” Another meaningful message surfaced on November 26, with Carmina stating, “Mom knows best.”

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi

The subject of Carmina’s posts remains unknown, but many online users associate them with Kyline’s notable tweet and TikTok post hinting at a separation from Mavy. On November 24, Kyline briefly tweeted, “I knew it,” and in her TikTok video, she remarked, “Iba ka Tiktok. I knew it.”

Last Tuesday, Kyline shared a cryptic message on her Instagram Story, underscoring the importance of maintaining silence without explicitly addressing anyone. “I was taught that keeping quiet kept the peace. Until I realized, whose peace is it keeping,” she expressed. A day later, Carmina Villarroel took to Twitter, posting a cryptic message that seemed to be her response to Kyline, with the phrase “Protect your peace” emphasized in the accompanying art card.

The two are currently making waves online after Kyline seemed to have ignored Mavy at a Royal event. In a video that is going viral online, Kyline and Mavy are exiting the stage, with Kyline leaving first, followed by Mavy. It appears that they did not even greet each other while leaving.

Meanwhile, Cristy Fermin disclosed the alleged reason behind the Mavy-Kyline breakup.

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