Josh Mojica Called Out by Netizen Over Farmers’ Struggles in Kangkong Transport

A netizen called out Josh Mojica for the struggles of farmers over the transportation of his kangkong

JOSH MOJICA – A netizen criticized the man behind the kangkong chips for the transportation conditions of his kangkong.

Kangkong Chips by Josh Mojica is a snack product made from water spinach, locally known as kangkong. Josh Mojica, an entrepreneur, ventured into the business of making kangkong chips as a healthier and more affordable alternative for snacking. The chips are created through a process that involves cleaning the kangkong leaves, breading, frying, draining, and packing.

The journey of Kangkong Chips began in 2021 when Josh Mojica, motivated to assist his family financially, started experimenting with the idea. He recognized the business potential inspired by his aunt’s preparation of “fried kangkong.” Discovering the health benefits and unique taste of fried kangkong, Josh established Kangkong Chips Original.

The product aims to provide a guilt-free snacking option, as the chips are claimed to be free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. The commitment is to use only fresh and high-quality kangkong, ensuring that each chip is crispy and flavorful.

Kangkong Chips Original promotes local goodness by sourcing ingredients locally and supporting local farmers. The business’s success has led to the establishment of a kangkong chips factory, providing job opportunities within the community.

Meanwhile, a certain Mark Anton Villegas called out for the transportation conditions of his kangkong. He criticized Josh, noting that despite being a millionaire, the farmers who pick the kangkong seem to be struggling and have not significantly improved their lives.

Villegas also mentioned the long hours that his kangkong suppliers need to endure just to ensure that the delivered kangkong to his factories is fresh.

“Luging lugi mga farmers mo sayo, Josh Mojica.
Imagine, ikaw milyonaryo na, pero yung tagapitas mo mismo ng kangkong bahagya na umasenso buhay. 12 hours bumabyahe everyday from Laguna to Cavite para lang fresh yung kangkong mo?!
Tricycle na luma pa gamit pangtransport, di mo man lang mabigyan ng maayos na transport vehicle,” Villegas noted.

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