Gatchalian ‘No Comment’ on Rob Gomez-Bianca Manalo Rumored Affair

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has “no comment” on the rumored affair between his girlfriend Bianca Manalo and actor Rob Gomez.

When asked about his reaction to the controversy involving his longtime girlfriend, Gatchalian gave a smile and uttered, “no comment.”

Sen. Win Gatchalian Reacts to Issue of Girlfriend Bianca Manalo

Here’s the reaction of Sen. Win Gatchalian to the issue involving his girlfriend, Bianca Manalo

WIN GATCHALIAN – The senator responded to the controversy involving his partner, beauty queen-turned-actress Bianca Manalo.

Manalo faced heavy criticism after a private conversation between her and ‘Magandang Dilag’ co-star Rob Gomez was leaked on social media. Based on the message exchange, Bianca was asking the Kapuso actor to visit her.

To address the rumors, Bianca Manalo issued an official statement. According to her, she and Rob are friends and co-workers. “He was going to bring Christmas gifts and I wanted to receive them early before I leave for the airport,” she shared.

“It is upsetting that our conversations were exposed without my consent, which is a breach of privacy and the cause of so much online bashing. It is obvious that parts of our conversation were deleted to create malicious insinuations,” she added.

Apparently, some netizens did not buy her explanation. Others were questioning why he would spend time giving her a gift. She was also challenged by social media users to reveal her full conversation with Rob.

Senator Win Gatchalian has given his reaction to the controversy involving his long-time girlfriend. In an interview, he was all smiles when he answered a question from the media about his partner. “No comment,” he said.

Several internet users responded to Gatchalian’s brief remark. They also observed that despite the lawmaker’s smile, his eyes conveyed a different sentiment.

A netizen expressed admiration for Gentleman Sen. Win for choosing not to speak, stating, “Nasaktan but di mananakit physical man or verbal. Saludo ako sau.” Another netizen commented on Sen. Win’s kindness, saying, “Napakabait ni sir…hindi niya deserve masaktan. Haissttt…makikita sa mata ni sir.” One social media user remarked on the unfortunate situation, saying, “Nakakaawa naman… Kita sa mata nya yung lungkot.”

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