Elderly Vendor Selling Chicharon at Sagay Lights-on Falls Asleep Due to Exhaustion

Because he was too tired, an elderly vendor selling Chicharon in Sagay fell asleep

SAGAY CITY – An elderly vendor selling chicharon caught the attention of a netizen after falling asleep due to exhaustion.

Cris John Patigas couldn’t contain his emotions after seeing an elderly man who slept because he was exhausted from selling chicharon. According to him, he was able to take a photo of the vendor during the lights-on ceremony at Sagay City Public Plaza.

Patigas said he was in tears upon seeing the elderly vendor, who, despite his age, continues to sell chicharon just to support his family. In the photo, the vendor can be seen sitting on a chair with the chicharon he’s selling beside him.

“Daw gin kumot dughan ko sang nakita ko si tatay nga ga tulog diri sa kilid sang may kalan an sa likod sang Sagay Public Plaza tungod sang iya kakapoy pang himakas para sa iya pamilya during lights on here in Sagay City Public Plaza. Nag tulo gid luha ko sang nakita taka tatay, proud² gid ko kaayu sa imo, saludo gid ko sa imo tatay pakabakod lang gid tatay para sa imo pamilya (emoji) tni soon ikaw naman paburan sang panahon halung lang always tatay. We love you (heart emoji).”

In this heartfelt message, the netizen expresses admiration and respect for the elderly vendor, acknowledging his hard work and dedication to providing for his family. The image of the vendor peacefully resting after his efforts serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals striving to make ends meet for their loved ones.

Meanwhile, Patigas’s post has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions from netizens. Some expressed their willingness to help the elderly vendor, while others called on the local government to assist in his situation.

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