Customer Airs Dissatisfaction After Finding Cockroach in Ordered Ice Cream

Customer Lodges Complaint vs Coffee Shop After He Found Cockroach in Ice Cream

A male customer has expressed his dissatisfaction after finding a cockroach in the ice he ordered from a coffee shop.

Recently, a Facebook user named Migz A Dado recently lodged a complaint against a coffee shop located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) after discovering a cockroach in the ice cream he had ordered.

The incident raised concerns about the quality of service provided by the coffee shop identified as Arabica at 5th Avenue in BGC. The coffee shop elicits various reactions from the netizens.


On November 19, 2023, Migz, accompanied by his wife Dian and their four-year-old daughter Yuna, decided to indulge in some coffee cravings at the newly opened Arabica branch. They ordered an Affogato Soft Cream and an Iced Spanish Latte to go.

However, the customer’s pleasant day quickly turned into a nightmare when he found a cockroach from his ice cream. He immediately returned to the coffee shop to voice his complaint. Unfortunately, there was no senior or manager available to address the issue.

Instead, a barista processed a refund, leaving Dado in a state of shock and dismay. He inquired about the next steps, only to be informed that no one would handle the matter because there was no manager on duty.


Despite feeling nauseous and light-headed, Sir Migz attempted to remain calm and asked if there was someone he could talk to. The barista assured him that a member of the management team would contact him within the day. However, the promised call never came.

On November 20, as Sir Migz continued to experience dizziness and stomach issues. Despite his attempts to follow up, Arabica remained unresponsive, adding to his frustration.

On November 21, he revisited the coffee shop for a follow-up, only to be told once again that there was no manager available to assist him. To his disappointment, the baristas even laughed at him while he shared his unfortunate experience.

Shangrila Security, along with BGC’s security, was called to escort Sir Migz out of the premises, accusing him of causing a disturbance. An attorney from Arabica finally arrived to hear his concerns, promising to address the issue appropriately.

After ten long days, on December 2, 2023, Sir Migz received a letter response from Arabica’s COO, claiming that the coffee shop was not liable for the incident. The shop asserted that the cockroach did not come from their premises and claimed that it might have been brought in with a take-out order.

The coffee shop offered a P1,000 voucher and a coffee mug as compensation.

The customer expressed his outrage and emphasized the insulting nature of such compensation for a serious incident.

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