Content Creator Urges Netizens to Support Traditional Photographers

Content Creator Encourages Public to Support Traditional Photographers “In exchange for a beautiful P50 photo, You help them feed their families”

A content creator urged the netizens to support the traditional photographers, saying, “ang 50 pesos lang sa inyo ay malaking bagay na sa kanila.”

Recently, a content creator and photographer Mark Kelvin shared a photo of a traditional photographer identified as Tatay Toto in Rizal Park. The post garnered reactions from the internet users.

Mark’s message shows the importance of a small amount, P50, in making a big difference in the lives of these passionate individuals. Tatay Toto captures moments in Rizal Park with dedication and skill.

Content Creator

His love for photography is not just a hobby but a way to support his family. Through Mark’s post, Tatay Toto’s story went viral and revealed the challenges faced by traditional photographers.

Mark Kelvin urges netizens to continue supporting and appreciating traditional photographers.

While P50 might seem like a small amount to many, Mark Kelvin stresses that it holds great value for traditional photographers like Tatay Toto. This amount serves as support, helping them sustain their livelihoods and pursue their love for photography.

Content Creator

His message ends with a powerful call to support the traditional photographers or “Maniniyot”. The term ‘Maniniyot’ refers to photographers, individuals dedicated to capturing moments through their art.

By supporting them, we not only receive beautiful photos but contribute to the preservation of their craft.

In another report, a freelance photographer hoping to gain clients to support his son’s medication

Content Creator

Here is the full post:

“In exchange for a beautiful P50 photo,

You help them feed their families

You recognize their effort and dedication

You appreciate their talent and skills

You motivate them to continue their passion

Dahil ang 50 pesos lang sainyo ay malaking bagay na sa kanila! Let’s support our Traditional “Maniniyot”

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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