Cassy Legaspi Gets Asked What She Likes and Doesn’t Like About Darren Espanto

CASSY LEGASPI – Here’s what the actress said when she was asked what she likes and doesn’t like about Darren Espanto.

In an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”, she said what she likes about Darren is that he’s “very caring”. However, she said what she doesn’t like about him is that he “overworks himself too much”.

Although she said she’s not sure about the reason why Darren Espanto “overworks himself too much”, Cassy Legaspi shared that she has to learn how to rest but he loves working.

Cassy Legaspi Shares How She Protects Mavy Legaspi

Cassy Legaspi: “I think I’m more vocal on being protective of my brother, but …”

CASSY LEGASPI – The “When I Met You in Tokyo” actress shared how she protected her brother, actor Mavy Legaspi.

The actress is set to star in the upcoming film “When I Met You in Tokyo” – one of the film entries for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Other cast members include Darren Espanto, Christopher de Leon, and Vilma Santos.

Cassy appeared on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she shared how she and her brother protect each other.

Cassy Legaspi

In an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda, the actress said that she’s more vocal on being protective of her brother but she lets him do whatever he wants to do because they need to learn through their own experiences.

According to her, they can’t always be there to protect each other.

I think I’m more vocal on being protective of my brother, but again, I let him do what he wants, whatever he wants to,” Cassy said. “Yeah, I let him be because we need to learn through our own experiences. We can’t always be there to protect each other.

Cassy also shared that Mavy is an overprotective brother, adding that she knows he just wants her to be safe.

The actress also said that her brother’s way of protecting her is observed “more on actions” and often says things are okay but will still constantly check up on her, making sure that she’s doing okay.

She added that she and her brother do talk about different areas of their lives, including work and love life. According to her, she and her brother often share their opinions with each other but it’s up to them on what they want to do when it comes to the final decision-making.

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