Bryanboy on KathNiel Breakup: “Hindi po ako yayaman kapag pinakialaman ko yan”

Bryanboy Expresses His Disinterest in Involving Himself in the Breakup of Kathniel

BRYANBOY – It seems that the social media personality who is also known as “Ninang,” doesn’t want to get involved in the noise surrounding the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

On Thursday, actress Kathryn Bernardo confirmed the end of her long-time relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Padilla. Sharing throwback photos and a heartfelt message on Instagram, she captioned it with “Chapter closed.” Daniel, in a subsequent Instagram post, shared a photo with Kathryn, expressing the significance of love in life.

In a Facebook post on Friday, December 1, Bryanboy stated that he wouldn’t gain anything from meddling in the issue between Kathryn and Daniel. “Hindi po ako yayaman kapag pinakialaman ko yang #Kathniel na yan so please layuan nyo po ako parang awa nyo na,” he said. “Lord, huwag nyo na po akong tanungin sa mga ganyan! Wapakels po tayo. Bahala na sila,” the social media personality added.

Some netizens agreed with Bryanboy’s statement. One netizen commented: “True, it’s their life, and stress is the only thing we’ll get if we bother about their breakup. They don’t even know us, so why should we be concerned about their separation.”

Meanwhile, Bryanboy, whose real name is Bryan Grey Yambao, is a Filipino fashion blogger, social media personality, and fashion influencer. He gained prominence for his fashion blog, “Bryanboy,” which he started in 2004. Over the years, he has become known for his distinctive and flamboyant style, as well as his witty and often humorous commentary on fashion and celebrity culture.

Photo credit: Bryanboy/Facebook

Bryanboy has collaborated with various fashion brands and designers, attended major fashion events worldwide, and amassed a significant following on social media. He is also referred to as “Ninang,” a Filipino term that translates to “godmother,” likely because of his role as a mentor or influential figure in the online fashion community.

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