Andrea Brillantes’s Mother Slams Basher Questioning How She Raised Her Daughter

The mother of Andrea Brillantes was furious at a basher questioning how she raised her daughter

BELLE BRILLANTES – The mother of actress Andrea Brillantes slammed a basher questioning how she raised her daughter.

On Thursday, November 30, Kathryn Bernardo officially confirmed the end of her longstanding relationship with Daniel Padilla. Through a series of throwback photos and a heartfelt message on Instagram, she captioned the post with “Chapter closed.” Subsequently, Daniel also shared a photo on Instagram, expressing his sentiments about the situation.

Prior to their breakup, rumors circulated online about a potential romantic involvement between Daniel and Andrea. These speculations emerged after Ogie Diaz revealed information from a source suggesting a secret relationship between the two.

The rumors gained momentum when Andrea and Kathryn Bernardo unfollowed each other on social media. Amidst the tension, online interviews surfaced where Andrea openly expressed her admiration for Daniel. Additionally, old photos of Andrea and Daniel started circulating online, as the actress had previously shared pictures of their encounters.

As time passed, rumors suggested that the young actress was not the reason behind the KathNiel breakup but rather Star Magic artist Gillian Vicencio. However, both Gillian and Marites University host DJ Jhaiho clarified that she had no involvement in the KathNiel split.

While Blythe continues to receive criticism from netizens, her mom, Belle Brillantes (or Mabel Gorostiza in real life), couldn’t help but come to her defense. This was after a basher questioned how she raised her daughter.

To which she replied: “Paano? Napagtapos niya sa school mga kapatid niya, nakapagpagawa ng bahay, may sariling negosyo. Ikaw, anong ambag mo sa mundo?”

Meanwhile, it appears that Belle has deleted her interaction with the basher. To recall, it was on Friday when Andrea’s close friend, Bea Borres, reacted to netizens asking why she remains silent amid the issues involving her BFF. “Mag-asaran tayo dito. Wala kayong makukuha sa akin,” she said.

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