Tito Sotto Slams Junior MPBL Officiating: “Basura!!! Ang kakapal”

Former Senate President Tito Sotto reacts to officiating in the Junior MPBL

TITO SOTTO – The former Senate President did not like what he witnessed in the Junior MPBL, particularly the officiating.

The Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) is a men’s professional basketball league in the Philippines, founded in 2017 by Manny Pacquiao. Earlier this year, the league introduced the Junior MPBL, a youth-oriented league for the under-14, under-16, and under-18 divisions.

In a post on his page, Sotto referred to the officiating in Junior MPBL as “garbage.” He wrote: “If you think officiating in PBA and NBA at times are questionable, then you should check out the officiating in the MPBL JUNIORS league…. Basura!!! Ang kakapal!”

Tito Sotto
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Several netizens agreed with Sotto and shared their thoughts on the Junior MPBL. One netizen said, “May pustahan na rin malamang dyan sa juniors. It needs to be investigated. Talamak online betting dyan sa MPBL.” Another netizen noted, “Tito SEN. Grabe ka po hahah. Pero Totoo naman.”

In another post, he revealed that Manny Pacquiao had called the officials of the league and scolded them. He wrote, “In fairness to the Champ (Manny Pacquiao) he called the officials of the MPBL juniors for a dressing-down!”

Meanwhile, in basketball, “officiating” pertains to the role and actions of the referees or officials during a game. This involves enforcing the rules, making decisions on fouls, violations, and other infractions, and ensuring fair and safe gameplay. A team of referees is typically responsible for officiating a basketball match, with the authority to make calls, assess penalties, and manage the game’s overall flow.

Officiating is essential for upholding the sport’s integrity, ensuring rule compliance, and creating a fair and competitive environment. Referees use hand signals and verbal communication to convey decisions, with good officiating requiring a deep understanding of the rules, quick decision-making, and the ability to maintain control over the game. The primary goal of officiating is to promote fairness, prioritize player safety, and uphold sportsmanship in the game of basketball.

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