Sofia Andres Admits Not Into Jewelry Before Until She Became A Mom

Sofia Andres: “I wasn’t really into jewelry before until I gave birth”

SOFIA ANDRES – The actress recently admitted that she wasn’t into jewelry before until she became a mother.

She said this when she was interviewed by during her recent launch as the new brand ambassador of F&C Jewelry. According to the actress, she started appreciating accessories because “parang nakakadagdag s’ya sa elegance”.

I wasn’t really into jewelry before until I gave birth… I started appreciating accessories… kasi parang nakakadagdag s’ya sa elegance,” Sofia told in an interview.

Sofia Andres
Photo: Sofia Andres / Instagram

Sofia also said she felt that embracing jewelry is part of her maturity. She went on to share that she wasn’t really comfortable wearing a jewelry before.

The actress has worked with other jewelry brands before, and she even recalled that her first-ever jewelry investments were a bracelet and a watch. From F&C, she shared that her very first investment was a ring.

She also said that she’s eyeing to give those and her other jewelry investments to her daughter Zoe as an heirloom someday. According to her, the family of her boyfriend Daniel Miranda also spoils their daughter with jewelry.

When she was asked about the reason why she loves jewelry, the actress said that jewelry is the highlight of any outfit as it catches attention and she thinks it’s literally a “girl’s best friend”.

Sofia went on to advice those who want to start investing in jewelry to start with “minimalist and simple pieces that are still outstanding”. For her, those means small earrings and rings because she doesn’t like hoops.

Classic – that I can wear any time of the day. I just like (something) really low-maintenance but quality pa rin,” the actress said.

Meanwhile, the actress is taking a break from showbiz projects after “Iron Heart” in order for her to have more time for her daughter. She even tutors her daughter who is now in school.

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