Sofia Andres Shares Why People Should Not Be Brand Conscious

Sofia Andres: “No matter what brand you wear or even if it’s non-branded, kung kaya mong dalhin, why not right?”

SOFIA ANDRES – The Kapamilya actress recently shared why people should not be brand conscious when it comes to fashion.

The actress currently stars in “The Iron Heart” with Richard Gutierrez, Jake Cuenca, Albert Martinez, and more.

In an interview with PUSH during her ABS-CBN Ball red carpet, the Kapamilya actress said that people shouldn’t get the wrong idea about having to be brand conscious in terms of fashion.

Sofia Andres
Photo: Sofia Andres / Instagram

Sofia explained that people can carry it if they’re comfortable in their own skin and they’re confident no matter what brand they wear or even if it’s not a branded one. She also said that people can wear whatever they wear and they express their style themselves.

No, no, it’s not like that. I feel like if you’re comfortable in your own skin and you’re confident, no matter what brand you wear or even if it’s non-branded, kung kaya mong dalhin, why not right?” the actress said. “You can wear whatever you want. You express your style yourself and that’s it.

She added that she doesn’t consider herself ever going through a “baduy” era because it’s really from the inside and it’s going to reflect on the outside.

In the same interview, the actress said that being a mother to her daughter Zoe and loving partner to Daniel Miranda is her top priority at the moment.

She shared that she told her partner that time is a luxury and it’s important to her, adding that she wants to cherish every moment. According to the celebrity mom, she and her partner have talked about marriage because it’s a “big responsibility” for her.

The actress also said that her persona as one of the most beautiful and fashionable celebrities in the country doesn’t really matter when she’s inside their home and in “full mommy mode”.

To recall, Sofia said in her social media post last February that the reason why she’s not getting married yet is because she and her partner are in a chapter where they both learn to be patient with each other, to respect each other’s freedom, and to overcome challenges.

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