Rowena Guanzon Takes Swipe at Chowking: “Puro pampalubag loob ang statement mo”

Here’s the reaction of Rowena Guanzon on the issue of Chowking

ROWENA GUANZON – The former Comelec commissioner took to social media wherein she took a swipe at Chowking.

Chowking, a popular fast-food chain recognized for its blend of Chinese and Filipino dishes, generated online attention when certain netizens voiced dissatisfaction with one of its branches regarding the treatment of a crew member by a manager. In a widely circulated video, the crew is observed personally delivering orders on foot.

As per the crew, she was directed by her manager to do so in an effort to boost sales. Additionally, she disclosed that if she opts to use public transportation for deliveries, she would have to cover the expenses herself, as it is not reimbursed by the company.

The video elicited varied reactions from netizens, with some expressing disappointment towards the branch and the manager who instructed the crew member to actively seek customers.

In response to the criticism, Chowking’s management has released an official statement. Accordingly, Chowking Management has received customer feedback about an outside-of-store order-taking activity in one of their Davao stores.

They are taking the matter seriously, putting the activity on hold for review of compliance with standards. The team member involved remains valued, and Chowking emphasizes their commitment to ethical business practices and prioritizing the safety and well-being of their team members. They thank customers for understanding and ongoing support.

Meanwhile, Rowena Guanzon took to social media wherein she took a swipe at Chowking. In her post, she noted that she won’t buy from Chowking at the moment. “Chowking, puro pampalubag loob ang statement mo. Until you give a good policy decision, hindi muna ako bibili sa yo. Gusto ko pa naman ang halohalo,” he wrote.

Her post earned reactions from the netizens. One social media user noted: “ooks like common strategy ng mga fast-food company yan house to house po Comm Bing The other day yun A Pizza nag doorbell kala namin delivery nag offer pala order and promos.”

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