Mother and Daughter Tried to Sell an ‘Antique Palanggana’ to Boss Toyo for 1 Million Pesos

A “palanggana” worth 1 million pesos?

PALANGGANA – An episode of “Pinoy Pawnstars” featuring Boss Toyo created a buzz online when a mother and child presented the rapper-turned-businessman with an “antique” basin valued at a whopping P1 million.

According to the mother, the palanggana or basin was an inheritance from her 87-year-old mother. It was even older than her mom. On the other hand, the mother, who was accompanied by her daughter when visiting Boss Toyo, was 53 years old.

Boss Toyo pondered what made the basin special enough to convince him to buy it. He even quipped that it might have been used by Roderick Paulate in one of the movies of the actor-comedian.

When expert antique collector Angelo Bernardo inspected the basin, he stated that it was made of aluminum. He noted that it wouldn’t be valued at 1 million pesos since it wasn’t a collector’s item. In the end, Boss Toyo did not purchase the palanggana but provided the mother and child with transportation fare as consolation.

Meanwhile, Boss Toyo is a multimillionaire businessman and rapper whose real name is Jayson Luzadas. His successful ventures include jewelry, clothing, collecting items from Filipino celebrities, vlogging, and producing online shows. Notably, he acquired collectibles like Sen. Imee Marcos’s Mercedes Benz from the film “Maid in Malacanang” and the shirt worn by the late Francis Magalona during historic performances. He purchased Francis M’s shirt for 620,000 pesos, which was donated by Pia Magalona to raise funds for Gab Chee Kee, a guitarist from Parokya ni Edgar.

Previously, Boss Toyo acquired a valuable item previously owned by Francis M, including a sky blue jersey and handwritten letters and photo featuring the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona and his alleged ex-lover Abegail Rait. Abegail, a former flight attendant.

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