Rosmar Tan Throws Shade at Rendon Labador: “Tumatahol yung labrador ko. panay Motivational rice kasi”

Rosmar Tan Takes a Swipe at Rendon Labador

ROSMAR TAN – The social media personality and highly successful entrepreneur threw a shade at motivational speaker Rendon Labador.

Tan sparked considerable online attention by revealing that her skincare brand generates daily earnings ranging from PHP5 million to PHP13 million. This disclosure occurred during an episode of Toni Gonzaga’s vlog, Toni Talks, which was uploaded on YouTube last Sunday, November 27, 2023.

In the interview, Toni brought up the topic after her sister Alex Gonzaga mentioned that Rosmar’s business was making PHP5 million a day. However, Rosmar clarified, saying, “Yun po yung medyo mahina na ako nun.” She went on to explain, “Nung may time po na kasagsagan ng sobrang-sobrang lakas po, pumapalo po minsan ng 13, 10 to 13 [in millions of pesos]. Pero kasama po na yung puhunan.”

Thanks to the success of her brand, Rosmar now leads a comfortable life with her family and has invested in various assets, including luxury vehicles. She shared, “Ngayon po meron po kami Ferrari, Lamborghini, GT-R, Porsche.” Rosmar also disclosed that she and her husband, Nathan Harisson, have invested in approximately 20 real estate properties.

On Tuesday, November 29, Labador took to his Facebook Stories, where Rendon posted his comment on an online news article about Rosmar’s earnings. “Patunay na hindi talaga nabibili ng pera ang katangahan,” he said.

Earlier today, Rosmar Tan took to social media, where she left a cryptic post that seemed to be her response to the remarks of Rendon Labador. In her post, she noted: “pasensya na kayo kung tumatahol yung labrador ko. panay Motivational rice kasi kinakain walang nutrisyong nakukuha. paano ayaw ng D0g food.”

Although she did not drop any names, it appears that she’s chiding motivational speaker Rendon Labador due to the words “labrador” and “motivational rice.” As of press time, Rendon has yet to react to the cryptic post of Rosmar.

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