Maya PayLater — Here’s What You Need To Know About Maya Bank’s Loan Service

Here’s what you need to know about Maya PayLater

MAYA PAYLATER – This article will teach you about the things you need to know about Maya Bank’s loan service.

Powered by Maya Bank, Maya PayLater is a loan service that allows you to shop in-store or online and pay in installments using your Maya wallet. Maya Pay in 4 is the first product of Maya Bank’s loan service.

According to Maya, other products will become available in the future.

Maya PayLater — Here's What You Need To Know About Maya Bank's Loan Service

Also powered by Maya Bank, Maya Pay in 4 lets you pay for services and goods in a total of 4 installments due every 2 weeks with no opening fees and as low as 0% interest.

But according to the fintech company, it will be taking the time to improve the overall product experience of Maya Pay in 4 using valuable feedback from users and merchants looking to offer easy installment options to their customers.

You can expect this product to return in the future with improved features and a more effortless experience overall. If you’re a merchant, this product is also paused until it becomes available again.

But what will happen if you have existing or ongoing Maya Pay in 4 loans?

According to the fintech company, all active loans – including collections, repayments, loan account management, and other loan-related concerns you may have – will still be processed until they have been fully settled.

In addition, you can continue to manage your outstanding Maya Pay in 4 loans on the app.

The fintech company also said that you can keep using Pay in 4 wherever it’s accepted “until the service ends on January 17, 2024” and your amount dues will still be automatically deducted from your wallet on your due date until the loan is fully paid off even after the service ends.

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