Rivermaya’s Original Lead Guitarist Perf De Castro: “Huwag hanapin ang wala”

Perf De Castro of Rivermaya leaves a serious note following his absence in the band’s reunion

PERF DE CASTRO – The original lead guitarist of Rivermaya left a serious note on social media following his absence in the promotional picture of the band’s reunion concert.

It was just recently when Live Nation Philippines announced the reunion of the band’s original lineup—Bamboo Mañalac, Rico Blanco, Mark Escueta, and Nathan Azarcon—for a one-night show set to take place on February 17, 2024, at the SMDC Festival Grounds.

Fans were thrilled by the news of the reunion. However, the absence of Perfecto “Perf” de Castro, the band’s guitarist, from their promotional photo was noticeable. Perf, an original member of Rivermaya, responded to his exclusion from the promotional materials for the upcoming reunion concert by stating, “Wala sa picture, e di wala.”

Online users expressed their disappointment and concerns about Perf’s omission from the promotional materials for the reunion concert. One person highlighted the opinion that the reunion wouldn’t feel complete without Perf performing a guitar solo.

Another individual shared a similar sentiment, emphasizing the importance of having all the original members on stage for the reunion. They suggested that since the reunion concert is scheduled for February, there might still be an opportunity to resolve the situation and ensure the presence of all the original members during the performance.

Earlier, he went on social media again and posted a serious message about his absence in the promotional picture of the band’s reunion concert. He noted: “to seryoso…. Nakakatuwa itong past couple of days at nakakataba ng puso ang lahat ng comments at support pero OKs lang ako, men. Padayon lang (emoji) Enjoyin nyo ang ihahain na show at huwag hanapin ang wala (emoji) Labyu all! Kitakits sa YouTube.”

According to him, the past couple of days have been heartwarming with all the comments and support he’s receiving. He then stressed that he was okay. In the later part of his post, he reminded the netizens not to look for who’s missing.

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