Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Candidate Anntonia Porsild Speaks About Friendship with Michelle Dee

Anntonia Porsild on Michelle Dee: “When I talk to her, I feel very calm”

ANNTONIA PORSILD – The Miss Universe Thailand 2023 spoke about her friendship with the Philippines’ delegate in the prestigious pageant, Michelle Dee.

In an interview with Dyan Castillejo, which aired on ABS-CBN News’ YouTube channel last night, November 15, 2023, Anntonia explained why she became close to Michelle.

She said: “Actually, the first few days, we kind of missed each other. We said ‘Hi,’ but it was because we were so busy that we couldn’t stop and have a conversation. But the first day of rehearsals, we sat next to each other on the bus, and we just kind of kicked it off, and we get along really well.”

Anntonia Porsild

“And when I talk to her, I feel very calm, and my heart feels very steady in the time where everything’s happening so fast, all the excitement. And she really has that energy that can really calm you down,” she added.

In response to whether being among the frontrunners is motivation or added pressure for her, Thai beauty queen Anntonia Porsild shared that it’s a bit of everything. She sees it as positive energy that propels her forward daily, considering it a chance to prove herself.

The motivation stems from her desire to test and challenge herself with new goals and dreams. Anntonia emphasizes that her focus is primarily on personal growth and achievement rather than external opinions. Winning Miss Universe, for her, encompasses everything, with changing opportunities and the chance to use the platform for giving back to the community being significant. She stresses the importance of appreciating the moment and cherishing the experiences that come with the title.

In closing, Anntonia extends a message to her Filipino fans, expressing gratitude for their ongoing love and support. She recognizes the impact of fan support on pageant queens’ confidence and encourages continued support throughout their journey.

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