MarcusT Mourns Passing of His ‘Kambal’ Sammy Manese

MarcusT pays tribute to the late Sammy Manese

MARCUST – The social media star took to Facebook to pay tribute following the passing of content creator Sammy Manese.

Content creator Sammy Manese has sadly passed away, as confirmed by his sister Bea in a heartfelt Facebook post on Wednesday. Bea expressed deep sadness over the untimely demise of Sammy, asking for prayers, respect, and privacy during this difficult time. The family chose not to disclose the cause of Sammy’s death.

With a significant online presence, Sammy has garnered over 1.93 million subscribers on YouTube and a TikTok following of more than 286,000. Despite the lack of specific details about his passing, Sammy’s impact on the digital landscape is evident through his substantial fanbase.

It’s worth noting that in a vlog two years ago, Sammy asked for prayers from his followers when he was hospitalized due to a heart problem. He had been facing the difficulties associated with dwarfism syndrome, an incurable genetic condition affecting one’s height. This syndrome, stemming from genetic abnormalities, leads to shorter stature and various medical challenges.

Among those mourning the passing of Sammy is none other than his “kambal” MarcusT. The social media star took to the social networking site Facebook to pay tribute to the late content creator.

In the first part of his post, MarcusT referred to Sammy as his “kambal.” According to him, every time Sammy posts a picture, his fans would tag him. They even planned to do a collab.

Here’s the post:

every time you Post a picture all my fans tag me, Kambal daw or mini version of me. May Usapan pa tayo last month na magCo-Collab tayo (emoji)
This photo might look like a meme but it will stay in our hearts forever, All TGANG and all my fans will always remember you.
RIP Sammy Manese”

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