Magpasikat 2023 Winner: Team Jhong, Ion, and Kim

Here’s the result of Magpasikat 2023 in It’s Showtime

MAGPASIKAT 2023 – The team consisting of Jhong Hilario, Ion Perez, and Kim Chiu emerged as the grand winner in the “It’s Showtime” segment.

Vhong Navarro’s team performed last Monday, November 6, with Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz in a number that paid tribute to legendary comedians in the industry, including Dolphy, Babalu, and Redford White. Their team received 47% of the votes from the poll.

On Tuesday, November 7, Karylle, MC, Amy, and Lassy performed. Their presentation focused on the reunion of the original Sang’gres. The Tuesday group received 3% of the votes from the audience.

Anne’s team had Ogie Alcasid and Ryan Bang on board. They performed on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. At that time, Ryan shared the story of how he met his girlfriend. Their group received 4% of the votes from the audience. On Thursday, Vice Ganda, Jackie, and Cianne performed together. They were joined by surprise guests Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. Their team received 12% of the votes.

Team Jhong, composed of Jhong, Ion, and Kim, performed on Friday. Their performance focused on the responsible use of cell phones, emphasizing the responsibility to “think before you click.” The group received an impressive 34% of the audience votes.

During the announcement of winners on Saturday, November 11, Jhong, Ion, and Kim were declared the champions, with Team Anne, Ryan, and Ogie in second place and Team Vhong, Jugs, and Teddy in third place.

Meanwhile, Magpasikat is the annual talent competition for all the hosts of It’s Showtime. It is usually held either a week before the show’s anniversary date, October 24, or during the week itself (although Magpasikat 2021, 2022, and 2023 were held in November). The performances are evaluated by a special panel of hurados (judges). Among the judges were Olivia Lamasan, Tirso Cruz III, Jet Pangan, Barbie Forteza, and

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