Jeepney Driver Airs Dismay After Student Passenger Fled Without Paying Fare

Jeepney Driver Expresses Disappointment After Student Passenger Did Not Pay Fare

A jeepney driver has expressed his disappointment after a student passenger fled without paying fare.

In the vibrant streets of the Philippines, jeepney stands out as a fun and colorful mode of public transportation. Beyond being a means of getting from one place to another, the Jeepney holds a special place in Filipino culture.

Jeepneys are more than just vehicles; they are communal spaces where people from various walks of life come together. The tight seating arrangement builds a sense of closeness among passengers, creating a shared experience of traveling the busy streets of Philippine cities.

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Jeepney also offers affordable and enjoyable rides to passengers. Commuters have to pay the required fare but some passengers refused to do so and instead choose to flee.

Recently, The Facebook page “Radyo Bandera Iloilo Digital News” shared the photo of a jeepney driver who expressed his dismay after a student passenger did not pay the fare. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the Parola Area, a traditional jeepney driver shares his thoughts after allowing a student to board without paying the fare. The driver reiterates “Bisan pasalamat lang to kay nagsakay ka lang kag wala nakaplete.”

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The jeepney driver, who has encountered this situation numerous times, voiced his honest feelings about students riding his jeepney without paying the fare.

Instead of feeling frustrated, he emphasizes the importance of a simple acknowledgment or gratitude, saying, “Pagprangka lang tani kun wala plete, kag bisan pasalamat man lang.”

The Parola Area has been witness to instances where students regularly board the jeepney without having the necessary fare. Despite the incident, the driver maintains a candid perspective, hoping for acknowledgment or a simple “thank you” from the students who ride without paying.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

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