Lady Customer Accused by Mall Security Guards of Stealing Grocery Items, Detained for Over 3 Hours

Lady Customer Detained for Over 3 Hours by Mall Guards for Allegedly Stealing Grocery Items

A lady customer accused of stealing grocery items at a mall in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental was detained for over three hours.

In Kabankalan City, a woman shared her complaint about the treatment she received from security guards at a local mall. The incident occurred on November 16 when she was accused of stealing grocery items, leading to her being detained for over three hours.

According to the complainant, Alma Valencia, a resident of Kabankalan City, she borrowed grocery items from a local market before heading to her workplace. However, her father instructed her to purchase medicine from a pharmacy inside the mall.

Lady Customer

Valencia shared that upon entering the mall, the security guards checked her bag and discovered the borrowed grocery items worth P100. She mentioned that, despite her intention to buy the medicine and leave the mall, the security guards held her, accusing her of theft.

The woman stated that she was held by the security guards for more than three hours before they realized she hadn’t stolen anything from the grocery store inside the mall. After reviewing the CCTV footage, it was confirmed that she did not take anything without paying.

The security guards apologized to the customer for the misunderstanding, and she was allowed to leave the mall. However, Valencia expressed distress and embarrassment, as many people witnessed the incident.

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The woman is now appealing for better treatment from the security guards at the mall, emphasizing the need for respectful and fair treatment of all customers. Despite the unpleasant experience, she mentioned that she has no plans to file a case against the security guards.

While the matter was resolved with an apology, it serves as a reminder for businesses to ensure proper training for their security teams to avoid unnecessary distress to customers.

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