Kazel Kinouchi Denies Being in a Relationship with Richard Gutierrez

Are Kazel and Richard Gutierrez in a relationship?

KAZEL KINOUCHI – The Kapuso actress denied being in a relationship with actor Richard Gutierrez.

The two are currently making rounds online after being spotted at Ayala Alabang last Halloween. In the photos, Richard can be seen riding a white pickup truck with his children Zion and Kai. Also present in the snaps is Kazel, who allegedly emerged from the pick-up truck.

Amid their linking, the entertainment site Fashion Pulis was able to secure an exchange between Kazel and netizens asking if she and Richard are in a relationship. In the interaction, Kazel was asked if she and Richard were indeed in a relationship. Another netizen asked where the information came from, and the reply was from Facebook. Kazel, on the other hand, replied with a “NO.”

Another netizen expressed disappointment, pointing out that Sarah Lahbati even follows her on social media. To which she replied, “Get a life, seriously.”

In the later part, a netizen asked Kazel why she and Richard were together along with the actor’s kids during Halloween. Another social media user attested that Kazel will deal with bashers now that the couple is rumored to have broken up, and she’s alleged to be the third party.

Meanwhile, both Richard and Sarah have remained silent about their rumored separation. It is worth noting that rumors of their separation first surfaced during the past All Saints’ Day, after Sarah and Richard seemed to have not celebrated Halloween together.

Richard also attended the Opulence ball alone. The event was attended by his immediate family, excluding Sarah. It is also noticeable that up to now, Sarah and Richard only post solo pictures with their children.

As of press time, Richard Gutierrez and Kazel Kinouchi have yet to give a comment on rumors linking them.

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