GGives Loan Payment — How To Manage Your Loan Payment Better?

Here’s how to manage your GGives loan payment better

GGIVES LOAN PAYMENT – This article will teach you on how to manage your GGives loan payment better.

One of the loan products offered by GCash is GGives. It offers easy and simple installment payment option as you can buy what you want and pay through GCash’s light and flexible installment plans over time.

Keep in mind that you need to settle your loan dues on time in order to avoid paying a late paying charges and having a lower credit score.

GGives Loan Payment — How To Manage Your Loan Payment Better

GCash has the following in place in order to help you manage your loan payment better. Here are the following:

  • Payment Reminders. GCash will be sending you reminders via your registered email address and through SMS in order to help remind you of your due date. Also, GCash will guide you on how to pay for your loan dues through its email reminders.
  • Convenient payments through auto-deduction. You can simply cash in your GGives loan amount due and GCash will automatically deduct it directly from your GCash wallet.
  • Assistance from Collections Agents. If you are struggling to settle your loan dues, GCash’s third-party collections partners are available to assist you.
    GCash’s collections agents will also remind you of your unpaid dues through SMS, phone calls, and email for you in order to avoid additional charges to your account. You can file a report to GCash if you have negative encounters with its collection partners.

When it comes to interest rates and interest fees in GGives, the interest rates range from 0% to 5.49% per month depending on your loan term (# of months to pay) and your GScore. You can find your interest rates and interest fees in your GGives payment schedule.

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