Christian Bables Defends Anji Salvacion Who Faced Criticism for Her Acting in ‘Linlang’

Christian Bables Stands Up for Anji Salvacion Amid Criticism Over ‘Linlang’ Role

CHRISTIAN BABLES – The actor took to social media to defend Anji Salvacion, who faced criticism for her acting in “Linlang.”

Anji Salvacion, whose real name is Angie Kristine Allen Salvacion, is a singer, actress, and television personality known for winning the tenth season of Pinoy Big Brother. Under the name Angie Kristine, she auditioned for Idol Philippines in 2019, showcasing her singing abilities with Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts.” Although she progressed through the Theatre Rounds, her journey ended during the Do or Die Round.

Following her time on Idol Philippines, Anji took on minor background roles in soap operas and frequently worked as a stand-in for actors in commercials. In 2021, she secured a significant role in the miniseries ‘Unloving U,’ playing the character Waltz. Her involvement expanded to contributing to the series’ soundtrack and recording songs for other shows like ‘Marry Me, Marry You’ and ‘My Sunset Girl.’ Additionally, she became a regular performer on ASAP Natin ‘To in April 2021 and joined the influencer group, The Squad Plus. Later in the same year, Anji entered the Pinoy Big Brother house as a celebrity housemate in the Kumunity Season 10, ultimately winning the competition.

Presently, she’s generating attention online for her role in the Prime Video original series, “Linlang.” In this thriller drama series starring Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, and JM de Guzman, she portrays the character of Kate Alcantara.

On Twitter, Christian Bables defended Anji Salvacion. In a post, he noted: “I am excited for you to unleash the brilliant actress in you (emoji) For as long as you admit there’s a huge room for improvement, ok na yun. The rest ingay lang. Please never give up on learning your craft. Meron yan, Anji. I believe in you (emoji).

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