Chowking Issues Official Statement Over Crew Going Around to Find Customers

Official Statement of Chowking Regarding Crew Instructed to Go Around to Find Customers

CHOWKING – The fast-food chain has issued an official statement regarding one of its crews instructed by a manager to go around and find customers.

Chowking is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in the Philippines. It is known for serving a combination of Chinese and Filipino cuisine, offering a variety of dishes such as noodle soups, dim sum, rice meals, and other Chinese-inspired fast-food items.

The fast-food chain made a buzz online after some netizens expressed their frustration with one of its branches due to the treatment of a manager towards one of its crew members. In a viral video, the crew is seen offering and personally delivering orders while walking.

According to the crew, she was instructed by her manager to do so due to their sales. She also revealed that if she chooses to ride a jeep for deliveries, she will use her own money as it is not covered by the company.

The video earned mixed reactions from netizens. Some expressed their disappointment toward the branch and the manager who gave her instruction to go around and find customers.

After facing backlash, the management of Chowking has issued an official statement. Here’s their official statement:

“The Chowking Management has received feedback from a concerned customer regarding an activity conducted by one of our stores in Davao pertaining to outside-of-store order taking.

We assure our customers and the public that we are treating this matter seriously. As such, we have asked the store to place the said activity on hold while the guidelines to ensure compliance with our standards are undergoing review. Further, the concerned team member continues to be a valued member of the store.

At Chowking, upholding ethical standards in conducting business is a core commitment, and the safety and well-being of our team members remain our top priority.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.”

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