Kris Aquino Asks For Prayers As She Gives Update About Her Health

Kris Aquino: “Let’s please continue praying for one another.”

KRIS AQUINO – The Queen of All Media asked for prayers as she recently gave an update about her health.

The TV personality posted a video on her social media account where she shared that her son Bimby prepared the “green juice” for her. According to her, it consists of “cucumber, apple, and a lot of spinach”.

In the caption of her social media post, she said that there were “abnormalities” in her blood panel as her hemoglobin “hit an all time low”, her sodium was as “always low”, and her potassium also dropped. She added that she’ll start getting iron infusions.

Kris Aquino
Screenshot from Kris Aquino video on Instagram

According to her, her Churg Strauss syndrome can affect many organs in her body because it causes damage to her blood vessels. She shared that her lungs have already shown some minor damage, but her heart is showing signs of exhaustion.

Kris also said that she needs to “overcompensate” just to pump blood that lacks nutrients all over her body. She added that her heart rate is going up and she needs to focus on her nutrition.

Dr. Malika explained to me that my heart rate going up to 130-135 after taking a shower, my constant constant dizzy spells, and headaches are already a warning for me that unless I start trying to eat real food and not rely on milk alone, I could be among the 7 out of 10 patients with Churg Strauss who attribute their death to heart failure,” she said.

The TV personality went on to share that she was knocked out because of her exhaustion from having both Dupixent and Methotrexate injected into her last Wednesday (US time) and so she missed their Thanksgiving celebration.

Kris ended her social media post by saying that she’ll try to walk around with her son Bimby and her nurse if her chronic sinusitis has stopped. She also urged the public to continue praying for one another.

To recall, Kris revealed in a now-deleted comment on Mark Leviste’s post last November 23 (Philippine time) that she had both Dupixent and Methotrexate. At that time, she called him out for “misleading” people about their relationship.

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