Barangay Chairman in CamSur Distributes 1.5 Hectares of Land to His Constituents

A 1.5-hectare plot of land was distributed by a barangay chairman in CamSur

CAPTAIN RUBEN BONDAD – The re-elected barangay chairman of Barangay Camagong in Tinambac, Camarines Sur or CamSur, has gained widespread praise for his selfless act of distributing 1.5 hectares of land to his constituents.

His noteworthy deed became viral across various news platforms, highlighting his initial distribution of one hectare of land to 70 families. Each family received a 100-square-meter lot, complete with a designated 2-meter right of way. Not content with this generosity, Captain Bondad extended his benevolence by providing an additional half-hectare of land, expanding the number of beneficiaries to 105 recipients.

The donated land, strategically located near Camagong Elementary School, is not only a generous gift but also serves a vital purpose as an evacuation center for the barangay. Captain Bondad’s decision to place the distribution near the school is a thoughtful choice aimed at easing the challenges faced by parents and children in commuting to and from the educational institution.

The admirable initiative has garnered praise, especially considering it is uncommon for a barangay captain to offer free land to residents. This act reflects Captain Bondad’s commitment to the welfare of his community, addressing the housing needs of those without their own land. The chairman’s dedication to the well-being of his constituents is evident in his proactive approach to community service.

As a testament to the sincerity of his gesture, Captain Bondad ensures that the necessary paperwork and titles for the new landowners will be diligently processed. His actions set a positive example for community leaders, emphasizing the impact of selfless acts in fostering a sense of unity and well-being within a barangay.

“Nakita ko kasi ang matagal nang problema ng mga nakikitira lamang sa lupa ng iba, naranasan ko rin kasi ang walang sariling lupa. Sa tagal ko sa serbisyo ito ay masasabi kong legasiya sa mga nangangailangan. Ang lupa ay nakapangalan saakin, ngayon donated ko na sa kanila,” he said in an interview with Brigada News FM.

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