Vice Ganda Slams PAL; Philippine Airlines Issues Apology

Comedian Vice Ganda criticized Philippine Airlines for overbooking and causing flight delays.

The Unkabogable Star couldn’t help but voice his frustration with the airline company after a trip from Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Vice Ganda Calls Out Philippine Airlines (PAL) Due to Overbooking, Delayed Flight; Airline Company Reacts

Vice Ganda to Philippine Airlines: “Napakapanget ng sistema niyo!”

VICE GANDA – The comedian and television host publicly criticized Philippine Airlines (PAL) for causing them inconvenience on their flight from Hong Kong to the Philippines.

In a series of tweets, Vice explicitly mentioned PAL, raising concerns about an overbooking issue. Overbooking is a common practice among airlines where they sell more tickets than the available seats on a flight. Airlines anticipate that not all ticketed passengers will show up, allowing them to maximize their profits.

However, there are instances where the airline’s predictions are inaccurate, leading to the need for some passengers to reschedule their flights because the originally booked plane is already fully occupied.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, he noted: “GRABE KA @flyPAL !!! Grabeng pangaabala at perwisyo ang dinulot mo sa masaya sanang trip na ito!!! Bakit kayo ganyan??? Ilang beses nyo kaming pinaranas ng overbooking sa puntong di nakasakay ang kasama namin. Ngayon ako naman ang nawalan ng upuan!.”

According to Vice Ganda, the incident caused them a tremendous amount of stress. He criticized PAL for their overbooking practices, questioning their concern for passengers’ well-being beyond making money. Vice Ganda shared that he even cried at the airport due to the inconvenience caused by the airline, as he rushed to catch the flight to avoid missing it.

In response to Vice Ganda’s complaint, Philippine Airlines (PAL) promptly addressed the issue and apologized for the inconvenience during his flight from Bangkok to Manila. They clarified that the flight was not overbooked but cited safety concerns for making two business-class seats unavailable. PAL acknowledged the inconvenience and explained that they initially offered Vice a downgrade to economy class, but later identified alternative passengers, allowing him to return to his original business class seats. Despite this, Vice claimed that PAL staff initially informed him of overbooking.

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