Aiko Melendez Calls Out Airline Company Over Damaged ‘Luxury’ Luggage

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Aiko Melendez found out that her luxury luggage has been damaged

AIKO MELENDEZ – The actress-politician took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment when she learned that her luxury luggage was damaged upon her arrival in Taiwan.

Aiko Melendez
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was just recently when she went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein she posted some photos of her luxury luggage. Apparently, the lower part of her luggage was severely damaged.

The said luggage is known to be durable so its quite expensive. “Philippine Airlines what happened with our luggage? Our belongings should be treated with care,” she noted.

“It was not a full flight, but I’m wondering what went wrong [sad moji] Rimowa is known to be a heavy-duty luggage it takes a lot of force for this be damaged. [sad emoji] #disappointed,” she added.

According to the actress-politician, she had just arrived in Taiwan and when her luggage came out of the carousel, she noticed that a part of it was broken. Aiko Melendez said they cannot complain because the airline didn’t have a counter at the airport and the person she talked to didn’t know how to speak English.

The airline company has reacted to Aiko’s post. According to them, they were also saddened by what happened. They said that they will investigate it and convey the results to Aiko.

“Hi, Aiko. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. We understand how important your baggage is. We have noted that you have also reached out to us via Instagram. We assure you that we are looking into this matter and we’ll get back to you with updates via direct message. Thank you,” the airline company noted.

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