Swiftie Fan Shares Video of Fiance’s Proposal During “The Eras Tour Film”

Swiftie Fan Flexes Fiance’s Romantic Wedding Proposal

A Swiftie fan shared the video footage of her fiance’s wedding proposal during Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour Film”.

The Facebook page SM City East Ortigas shared the video footage of a marriage proposal at ‘The Eras Tour Film.’ The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited comments from the online community.

The couple, Mikkaela and France, have a love story intertwined with their shared adoration for Taylor Swift. Both of them agreed to attend a live Eras Concert, with France planning to propose during the show.

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However, securing tickets proved to be quite a challenge, prompting him to choose the nearest available date to their anniversary, which coincided with the release of the Eras Tour film in the Philippines.

Inspired by a TikTok trend of proposals during live Eras Concerts, France seized the moment during the film’s screening, got down on one knee, and presented a ring to Mikkaela as Taylor Swift’s iconic song “Love Story” played.

“Si bf (now my fiancé) siya nagsuggest to watch the movie. Since Swifties naman kami both, especially me. His plan was to propose sana sa live Eras Concert kaso hirap daw makakuha tix, so he decided to propose sa nearest date sa anniv namin nung nagrelease ng Eras tour film sa pinas. Nakakuha daw siya idea sa Tiktok during live eras concert na mga nagppropose sa Love Story na song,” she said.

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France performed his romantic wedding proposal during the lyrics, “he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring.” Mikkaela was moved to tears by her fiancé’s heartfelt gesture, making the proposal filled with pure emotion and surprise.

“He proposed sa part na lyrics ng Love Story na ‘he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring…’ yan lang daw inaabangan niya ever since magstart hahahaha kasi daw baka makalampas,” she added.

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The netizens expressed their reactions to the romantic proposal:

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