Shirley Kuan Opens Up About Why Bea Alonzo Won’t Promote “1521”

Bea Alonzo’s manager, Shirley Kuan, has revealed the reasons why her talent, Bea Alonzo, will not be promoting the movie “1521.”

Shirley disclosed the working conditions that Bea encountered during the production of the movie.

Bea Alonzo’s Manager Shirley Kuan Reveals Why She Won’t Promote ‘1521’

Why Bea Alonzo won’t promote ‘1521’?

SHIRLEY KUAN – The manager of Bea Alonzo revealed why her talent won’t promote the movie “1521.”

In an exclusive interview with on October 4, 2023, Shirley unveiled the working conditions that Bea encountered during the movie’s production. Shirley, a seasoned talent manager who has been guiding Bea’s showbiz career since 2021, detailed the problems that arose during the shoot.

The shooting took place in Palawan, in an area that she described as accident-prone. The tent was positioned on a hill, causing difficulties for those accessing it, especially when it rained, as the location became muddy.

Bea Alonzo

Shirley highlighted the absence of professional personal assistants on set, mentioning that many individuals who were not adequately trained were assigned production responsibilities. She also pointed out the lack of basic equipment such as monitors, audio monitors, and video assistants, which had an impact on the production.

The delay in the arrival of essential facilities like air conditioning and portalets was another issue that Shirley addressed. She questioned the excuses for these delays, considering that the production staff had been in Palawan a month prior to the shoot.

Shirley raised concerns about the absence of pre-production meetings, which resulted in discrepancies in the script. The entire script was initially in English, even though Bea expected a combination of English and Filipino dialogue. According to Shirley, their requests for script readings and look tests were denied.

Shirley expressed her disappointment in the producer, Francis Ho, for not effectively managing the production and for underestimating the professionalism of the Filipino workforce. She believed that the producer took advantage of lower labor costs in the Philippines, leading to inadequate working conditions.

Bea Alonzo

Shirley also noted that the first aid kit on set was insufficient and revealed that Bea had to treat herself for a wound due to the lack of proper medical assistance.

Finally, Shirley decided to speak out to address the producer’s misleading information about Bea and to set the record straight. She emphasized that there was no contractual obligation for Bea to promote the film, as it was not part of their agreement. Shirley commended Bea for her professionalism and dedication to her role in the film, despite the adverse conditions.

Shirley Kuan challenged the producer to provide receipts to support their claims of “unreasonable demands and expectations” from Bea. She warned that others who had been affected by the working conditions might speak up if the producer continued to spread false information.

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